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Senior Data Scientist / Research Scientist

Senior Data Scientist / Research Scientist

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Job Description

As a Data Scientist working for Amazon's Data Center Global Services team, you will study the operational performance of the AWS data center platform. You will conduct research, design statistical studies, and analyze data to discover new ways to impact our business and deliver value to our customers. You will work with state of the art tools provided by AWS, and collaborate with other scientists. You will solve problems and increase the efficiency related to data center issues involving cooling and power distribution.

The right candidate has a background statistics, applied mathematics, or computational science and a history of solving difficult problems using a scientific approach. They hold a post graduate degree in a scientific field, and understand how to design scientific studies. This job will challenge the candidate to dive deep into the data center world and understand the unique challenges in operating this platform at a scale unrivaled in the industry. Our scale provides unique opportunities that simply don’t exist elsewhere, but these opportunities can only be revealed by a scientific thinker with a curious mind. The candidate should be familiar with the state of the art in machine learning techniques and understands what the strengths and weaknesses of each in solving particular types of problems. The candidate should be comfortable working with big data, and writing code in R or Python, working with big data, and using relational databases.

Basic Qualifications

- A postgraduate degree in a scientific field
- Experience with Machine Learning
- Can design statistical models
- Comfort with Python or R
- Can communicate ideas and results in narrative form
- Can design scientific studies
- Can effectively design data visualizations
- Experience with Machine Learning techniques
- 5+ years industry experience

Preferred Qualifications

- Familiarity with Data Centers
- Familiarity with Thermodynamics
- Familiarity with Power Distribution